Компания ARTS, Атырау

Successful completion of “Center of Balgimbayev” Project

ARTS team has implemented many projects over the last years. One of them is Center for Development and Communications named after Nurlan Balgimbayev.

CDC named after N.Balgimbaeva is the pride of the Atyrau Region in the field of education in the oil and gas industry. The center was built at own expenses of family of the famous statesman Nurlan Balgimbaev who devoted his life to the oil industry and left a large footprint in the history of Independent Kazakhstan.

CDC occupies a three-story building with an area of ​​4 thousand square meters. There are high-quality laboratories and classrooms where future oil and gas industry specialists master and improve their skills of drilling, oil production/processing by using modern technologies.

ARTS team was very responsible when supplying and installing special equipment for CDC. It was important for us to comply with high requirements for arrangement of microclimate systems in this educational institution. We had to consider availability of laboratories and create comfortable and safe conditions for students and teachers of the Center.

While implementing this project, ARTS has completed the following operations:

— Supply and installation of Daikin multi-zone system

— Supply and installation of Daikin a coil system for chiller-fan 

— Supply and installation of Yenisei free-cooling unit and Daikin duct air conditioner for server room

— Supply and installation of Z-shaped air cooler

— Manufacturing of air ducts

— Supply and installation of ventilation systems

— Binding of refrigeration system.

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