Компания ARTS, Атырау

Our core value is our employees

During 20 years of operation, core value of ARTS has been and remains to be a team of highly competent employees who are true experts in their field. We are not afraid to solve complex problems and always implement safe working techniques in our work. ARTS team is reliability that is supported by the high trust of our customers and partners.

ARTS specialists have been providing maintenance of climatic equipment in the course of implementation of Cargo Transportation Route (CaTRo) project. Upon completion of works, our employee, Sergey Skrupskiy, was awarded an honorary diploma. It confirms high level of professionalism of our colleagues where each of them is an essential part of the team.

CaTRo Project consisted of large-scale bottom deepening works for construction of sea channel used for barges entering Prorva in order to transport oversized cargo from the northeastern part of the Caspian Sea to Tengiz. In total, CaTRo includes several locations as follows: sea channel, cargo offloading facility (COF), cargo storage facility (CSF), and freight road.

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