Компания ARTS, Атырау

Inspection of refrigeration supply systems at TCO facilities

Within the framework of the project “Inspection of refrigeration supply systems at CTL-1, CTL-2”, specialists of ARTS LLP conducted inspection of ventilation system and air conditioning systems at infrastructure objects of Complex Technological Lines, Tengiz plant.

The purpose of the inspection was to determine the possibility of replacing obsolete refrigeration supply systems that ran on R22 freon with similar ones which are ozone-friendly (implementation of the decisions of the Montreal Protocol as of 1987).

Since the object was active, we had to take into account the following special conditions:

  • develop solutions that would allow replacing refrigeration part only without any full scale intervention into the main ventilation system
  • ensure minimum losses for stoppage during dismantling and installation works

As part of the project, additional adjustments were made to the refrigerating capacity of the systems where climate changes (increased average air temperature) were also considered.

Professional approach of the engineers from ARTS LLP allowed developing solutions that helped the Customer to implement the replacement project in an efficient way. It resulted in saving of time and money.

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