Компания ARTS, Атырау

ARTS has completed works on upgrade of its own production facilities (December 2020).

ARTS completed works on upgrade of its own production base in 2020. Updated workshop for the production of rectangular and circular air ducts was launched the same year. The workshop is equipped with up-to-date equipment.

There is a machine with rigid forming rings for manufacture of spiral-wound circular air ducts. The machine manufactures a large number of products with excellent quality features. All products have very tight seam and stable geometrical arrangement.

There is a plasma cutting machine in the ARTS workshop and we have a chance quickly and accurately cut curved segments for manufacture of fabricated parts.

After cutting fabricated parts, such work pieces are processed on special machine for manufacture of segment elbows. Fittings are assembled in automatic mode.

The process of cutting and assembling is the most time-consuming. All operations are performed as quickly as possible in our workshop equipped with special machines. This way, continuous flow of high quality products in large numbers is ensured.

Capabilities of the workshop and existing processing lines allow us to accept individual orders in accordance with our client’s needs.

All products manufactured by ARTS are subject to strict quality control.

Should you have any questions, please consult in our office or use the provided contacts.

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