Компания ARTS, Атырау

Aerodynamic tests of ventilation systems for TCO CO

Specialists of ARTS have performed aerodynamic tests of ventilation systems for TCO’s Chief Office. Parameters of 33 ventilation branches from central shafts were measured floor by floor in the course of the works. The total number of test points was 2,230.

Aerodynamic tests of ventilation systems included operational checks of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, smoke protection and air heating systems.

The following main parameters were checked:

amount of air consumed by the system;

air change rate;

performance indicators of ventilation system.

The following were checked in the course of tests:

  • whether actual operational features of ventilation systems are in line with declared design values
  • operation of ventilation system together with process equipment (the specialists regulate aerodynamic flows within the system at the same time)
  • whether there are any installation defects in certain parts of ventilation system (loose fitting components, poorly fixed individual parts of assemblies, poor operation of vibration damping systems and noise suppression systems, etc.) and other features.

You may order aerodynamic testing of ventilation systems or get detailed information about the service by contacting our specialists.

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