Компания ARTS, Атырау

Installation and comissioning

High quality of work is the combination of professionalism and experience. The first one is confirmed by diplomas, certificates and customer’s feedback. The second one is impressive common skills of engineers of the company.

Before performing commissioning works, it is necessary to pressurize the systems. Pressure testing is a hydraulic overpressure test of the closed loop system. Upon completion of installation works, installation companies should perform the following:

  • testing of heating systems, heat supply, internal cold and hot water supply and boilers by hydrostatic or manometric method with further execution of the corresponding act; flushing of systems;
  • testing of internal sewerage systems and drains with further execution of corresponding act;
  • individual tests for installed equipment with further execution of corresponding act;
  • thermal test of heating systems for even heating of heating devices.

Testing of systems with the use of plastic piping should be performed in compliance with relevant requirements. Tests should be performed before the start of finishing works. Pressure gauges used for testing should be calibrated in accordance with GOST standards.

During individual tests of equipment, the following works to be performed:

  • checking compliance of installed equipment and performed works with requirements specified in both working documentation and regulatory documents;
  • testing of equipment at idle speed and under load continuously during 72 hours. Balancing of wheels and rotors of pumps’ assemblies and smoke exhausters’, quality of shaft packing, functionality of starting devices, level of heating of the electric motor, compliance with requirements to assembly and installation of equipment specified in technical documents of the manufacturers should be checked.

Hydrostatic testing of heating systems, heat supply systems, boilers and water heaters should be performed at positive temperatures in the premises of the building.  For cold and hot water supply systems, sewerage and drainage systems, such tests to be performed at a temperature of at least 5 °C. Water temperature should also be at least 5 °C.

Photos of operations at the working site