Disinfection of premises

Disinfection of premises during COVID-19 global pandemic is of high importance for protecting human health at the moment.

ARTS LLP offer disinfection for the following types of premises and machines: production, office, trade, commercial, administrative, adjacent territories, vehicles and aircrafts.

Disinfection methods implemented by ARTS

Irrigation method. Disinfectant is sprayed over surfaces. It is suitable for treatment of large surfaces that are resistant to moisture such as walls, floors, doors, furniture, sanitary ware, adjacent outdoor areas, vehicles parked outside.

Cold fog method. Disinfectant is sprayed in the form of tiny particles. The disinfectant in the form of a fog gently envelops all surfaces, penetrates into hard-to-reach places where surfaces do not get wet and humidity level does not go up in the rooms. Cold fog may be used to treat rooms with office equipment and other machines, documents, upholstered furniture. The disinfectant does not leave stains and a room does not need further cleaning after such treatment. The method is suitable for treatment of any types of items including vehicle interiors.

Disinfecting agent

The solution for disinfection is prepared on the basis “Baladez Ultra”.  We have been successfully using it for more than three years. The agent is highly effective against pathogens of infectious diseases including coronavirus. The product does not leave stains, streaks or odors. It is a reliable and hypoallergenic product. It does not contain chlorine and therefore is not dangerous for people, animals, and green spaces.

Disinfection procedure

  • Preliminary preparation of rooms for disinfection is unnecessary.
  • Time of disinfection depends on the area of facilities. For instance, disinfection of an office building with the area of 600 sq. m takes us no more than 30 minutes.
  • No need to ventilate the room and perform cleaning after treatment.
  • The room may be used 30 minutes after treatment.

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