Company ARTS, Atyrau

Conclusions of 2020

This year was not easy and its events touched everyone without exception. Though, it became special for ARTS. Summing up, we have something to be proud of. – We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company. This is pretty long period of time that proves we have both feet firmly on the ground, have great … Read more

ARTS has completed works on upgrade of its own production facilities (December 2020).

ARTS completed works on upgrade of its own production base in 2020. Updated workshop for the production of rectangular and circular air ducts was launched the same year. The workshop is equipped with up-to-date equipment. There is a machine with rigid forming rings for manufacture of spiral-wound circular air ducts. The machine manufactures a large … Read more

Our core value is our employees

During 20 years of operation, core value of ARTS has been and remains to be a team of highly competent employees who are true experts in their field. We are not afraid to solve complex problems and always implement safe working techniques in our work. ARTS team is reliability that is supported by the high … Read more

ISO 9001:2015 certification

There are various international standards that establish certain norms for communication between supplier and consumer. ISO is one of the largest and most significant organizations involved in the development of international standards. ISO certificate is an official document issued by certification body which confirms that the management of a certified company complies with standards. Today … Read more

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