Компания ARTS, Атырау

Quality system

novyj tochechnyj risunok

Certificate of conformity

ISO 9001:2015
ARTS LLP is certified according to Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001:2015

attestat promyshlennoj bezopasnosti 0001


that grants rights to carry out works in the field of industrial safety
In accordance with Article No. 72 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About Civil Protection”, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About Permits and Notifications”, and the expert opinion of LLP “AtyrauPromBezopasnost” as of January 12, 2018 No. 001/18, the company has obtained the right to carry out works in the field of industrial safety

attestat promyshlennoj bezopasnosti 0001


Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau Region confirms that the Limited Liability Partnership “Arts” is a domestic manufacturer/provider of goods, works, services under the name specified in the Register of Domestic Manufacturers/Providers of Goods, Works, Services.

licenziya nov 0001


Construction and erection operations

licenziya proektir 0001


Project activities

razreshenie na ozonorazrushayushchie


Permit for production of works using ozone-depleting substances, repair, installation, maintenance of equipment that contains ozone-depleting substances

uvedomlenie po dezinfekcii

Coupon on receipt of notification for start of

disinfection, disinsection, deratization, deworming